Dogmatic Homogeneity

Welcome to your campaign!

What You Need to Know Before We Start

          Welcome my gamers,  if you are here it is because you have been chosen to take part in my homebrew game, so on behalf of the game, I welcome you.  There are things that you have to have in order to get this game started.  First off, please discuss with me your character concept.  I am going to try and prevent duplication, though a lot of areas can be grey when dealing with religion.  Please have one God or Goddess picked out and that is whom will be your parent.  You will inherit two aspects of their domain, note I do reward for good role-play and I honestly prefer to focus on that instead of combat (though there will be times to make your ancestors proud).  You MUST have at least two sources (they can be basic links that describe your God or Goddess but I want you to have full understand of that said deity and I want to have information to use in the processing of the plot) for me to accept your choice of God.

          Another thing that you all can take advantage of is the setting, culture, philosophy, criminal justice systems, and etc.  The story takes place in the year 3000, which is over 920 year away.  There was a regression in the time, so their technology level is about the same of todays, with a few tweaks here or there.  So if you have a crazy idea for a back story, let me hear this!  Did your character's mother become a mafia boss in the slums of West Africa after a famine came and destroyed all their available resources and she would not lose anymore of her loved ones to corrupt "justice systems".  Tell me more.  Did your father see the light when he fell in love with your mother and turned to the light and got to the point where he was given all the information that the world had and he had to justify teaching people these secrets, just to find out that knowledge was a more powerful weapon than any gun or blade?  What did he do next?   Again, remember, I give bonuses to those who are able to be creative and enlighten my world a little bit.  If you have ideas that you are not sure will pass, talk to me, as a writer I love planning and plotting and can keep a secret about your character through thick and thin.

          There are some things that I want you to mention to me.  I want to know how your relationship with your parents are, what powers your characters have, if you are able to provide a picture (please let it be illustration or anime pictures) that would be helpful, and the nuts and bolts of their life.  You are that character, it is your puppet and you can make it dance, show me your choreography.  



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