Dogmatic Homogeneity

Overview of the Plot and Character Sheet

A Slight Introduction


          It is the year 3000 in America.  Society in an post-apocalyptic phase.  There are many small societies all over the continent with many different government systems.  Some people have figured out how to get the electricity going but, overall, most people don't have access to it.  There is no set ethics, justice system, or government type, what has survived is what is.  In previous years might was considered most useful but people now have a want and a need for scholarship.  However, as far as technology goes, there are some guns but they are few and far between and there is even less ammo, so most people have primitive weapons that range from spears, bows and arrows, and swords.  Those that have access to magic or rare abilities are prized in most societies, some are anti-magic because they blame them for the downfall, however, they are watched very closely just in case they might try kill others like the mythical creatures that roam the world, some in societies of their own.

          Those that can create are turned to in this world and tend to be really rich in each society that ranges from trade-and-barter to unique currencies.  The largest unit of people live in the remnants of Los Angeles, now called Apex, and there is a rumor of a place where Gods frequent to watch the people.  In any society there different shrines to different Gods and Goddesses, some specific to the area, others that are generalized.  "Ruin Jumpers" are becoming more relevant as people are now starting to explore what the past empires had in their clutches.

          So it is known, most societies are trade-and-barter and the most valuable items are water, mechanical devices, and weapons, other things do have a various amount of worth.  In certain areas, different cultures cling to different things, some may have a favorable spice, while others love the looks of past jewelry.


          The story will take place in Apex.  All of the characters meet up in a location specified by their Godly parent.  There is a darkness arising in the world.  The Goddess Lyssa, amongst others, are starting to spread insanity and other things that could destroy the fruiting world.  It is each of your jobs to work together to find more information on them.  Why are they doing this?  Where is the headquarters of these Gods?  Where have they infected and what happen to the infected?  So on and so forth.  Now, it is up to you to work together and do as your parents say, because you live in this world too.


          Welcome again players, I am going to be explaining character creation.  You have forty power (skill points) and eight refresh.  No one stunt or power can go over five refresh and you have to have a minimum of one refresh to not be a NPC, so essentially you can, at first, only spend seven refresh, so spend them wisely.  Remember that I am going to homebrew a lot of powers and stunts, so if you want something specific that you don't see in the Fate Core Rulebook or Dresden Files' Player Handbook, worry not.  You must give me a background, we are in America but that does not mean you have to start in America.  Child of a water God?  Tell me how you have moved around the oceans, but also tell me how you act when you are away from water too long.  I am more than willing to work with you on creating a backstory.

          Each character will have their own wiki page.  The main things I want in that page is a few items your character will have that is outside of your resources skill, but make it logical.  Second I want your goals and obligations.  If you want to do a diary of whatever else, that is on you, but the DM wants to be able to plan the game around my characters.

          If you keep your character sheet and character link up, I will give you one Refresh to use for Fate Points only (you cannot spend it on a stunt or power), but if you add to locations, lore, governments, adventure log, or whatever else, I will give you a second one for Fate Points only.


I look forward to the first session on Saturday the 14th at 8 pm EST and 5pm PST.



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