In the beginning there was one God… or were there more?  Gods have been ever present in our world, creating, shaping it and us.  However, who is the one that we truly send praise to?  That is the question that none of the Gods can come up with and mortal knowledge is, for the most part, finite so it is unable to answer the ageless question.  In year 3000, the world has finally gotten over the regression of the past 900 years.  There was a war that started the cataclysmic fall of dominoes and when one toppled, the next was soon to come until there was nothing more to destroy.  People prayed, so much so that the Gods couldn't differentiate the cries of their children.  In order to prevent this much chaos in the world, all of the Gods and Goddesses banded together to kickstart the world again, but this time the mortals had to chose which Gods to follow without help of heirlooming of religion.

          So as life finally returns to normal, the Gods are resubmurged with power and are able to freely interact with the mortals on the planet.  Some even had kids.  But as more and more power was introduced to the world, more and more creatures that fed on that power became ever present.  "Mythical creatures" well, they weren't so mythical anymore.  And, not to mention, as times change, so do the Gods.  What will the Demi-Gods experience in their awakening of the world, and, if it isn't too late, can they prevent it from falling back into chaos?

Dogmatic Homogeneity

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